Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

February 17, 1892  Happy Birthday songwriter James F. Hanley!

day 316

Happy Birthday Claudia Brevis my wife of 28, almost 29 years.  She is without a doubt the greatest wife and mother known to mankind.  All right, well at least to the 3 men in her life.

Claudia has always been a Cat loving person. And since our last cat Maria died a few months ago Claudia said no more cats. It’s too emotional for her when they are gone. So in the past few days I’ve been talking it over with Dylan who insists I get her a cat because he feels since Maria died he has become 1st cat around the house and its too much pressure on him! Claudia seems to be coddling and petting him way too much.

So I’ve been trying to get a nice birthday surprise for Claudia (a nice rescue cat who needs a home) but all these places won’t just give me a cat!! They have to check me out, check my references, talk to my last veterinarian, come to my house!

Jeez! Can’t i just get a freakin  cat who needs a home? I got so intimidated at the rescue shelter with the 3rd degree. I thought they were gonna pull out a lie detector– especially since i was lying with some answers!

Like, “What kind of food did you feed your last cat?” Dylan answered, “Dry food.”  The lady shook her head no-no-no only wet food.  Ooops.

OK, since Claudia is going to read this and we couldn’t pull off the cat thing I just wanna say to my wife SURPRISE!!  We are going to go get a cat together!

Claudia – you zing the strings of my heart every day!!

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