You Send Me

June 1, 1957 Sam Cooke was recording You Send Me.

my hat

Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers — four guys singing gospel with a good old soul band.  That’s where I live!  Sam Cooke singing A Change is Gonna Come is what made me want to be a singer.

I remember the first time I went for a voice lesson with Marlon Saunders, the most amazing voice teacher, singer, guru.  I told him I wanted to sing like Sam Cooke and he said, “Let’s learn how to sing like Skip first.”

No matter what I’m singing – covers or originals, Marlon always shows me how find an original approach.  Marlon knows it all! Marlon Saunders is the only voice teacher I recommend to anyone now.  Check out his new lyric video, Beautiful Design.

You Send Me is usually the first slow dance of the night at Stingers parties.  All the couples get up and dance to it, and lots of brides like to use it as their wedding song.

I was glad to have an excuse to sing it tonight!

You Send Me!


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