Yer Blues

December 10, 1968 John Lennon makes his first solo tv appearance, singing Yer Blues! (via


John Lennon loved the blues. Yer Blues is a crazy one and I had to modify it to sing it. My apologies, John.

I was without my car today and had to get my butt on the subway 5 times. It really is exhausting to battle through the masses around Times Square. I guess you just have to be willing to do the dance as people are bumping into you with bags and doors closing in your face, and to be not sure if you can fit in a seat cause the lady doesn’t want to sit too close to a bunch of high schoolers and she is taking up 1 and 1/2 seats and doesn’t budge!

I’ll get the car back tomorrow and will drive everywhere! I have Festival Chorus in the morning and the Stingers tomorrow night.

Yer Blues!

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