Yellow Submarine

August 23, 1966 the Beatles are at #1 on the UK singles chart with Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby!

grandpa mike's shirt

Spent the day in the country. Swam in the lake.  Took a walk around the lake. Practiced piano looking out at the lake. All lots of fun and it was nice to do a light fun song by the Beatles and yes, I even brought out my melodica.

Although the thought of a submarine yellow or not gives me the creeps.  I am so claustriphobic and so is Dylan.  I would never go into a submarine.  I think we went to one in Mystic, Connecticut when the boys were young.  I can’t remember if Claudia and Casey went in but Dylan and I were out. I did like the sea shanties  that we learned that trip although I can’t remember a one of them now!

I don’t even like submarine shows on tv. I can’t even breathe thinking bout it. I was never going to be an astronaut. I hate small cars.  I like first class or the exit row aisle seat on the plane. Don’t like rush hour in the subway or cabs where the driver has his front seat so far back my legs are squashed. OK, enough about that!

A nice perky song, Yellow Submarine, and my playing it made my wife LOL!

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