March 26, 1948 Happy Birthday Richard Tandy (Electric Light Orchestra)!

day 353

The only reason I picked this song today is because Claudia told me that I didn’t have any song that started with the letter X in this blog discography, so now i can wish Richard Tandy a happy birthday with an X song (from the movie Xanadu featuring music by Olivia Newton John & Electric Light Orchestra).  This will most probably be the first and last time I’ll ever have to play this song, but you never know!

Both my gigs were pretty empty last night due to it being the first night of Passover. I had fun anyway. Sometimes with a small crowd it’s sort of like a living room setting and I play a little then I bullshit a little, then play then chat. Claudia wasn’t there last night. I usually look over to her when I’m talking too much and she gives me the Zip it sign, so last night she wasn’t there and Dylan came up to me after one of my long winded stories and gave me the Zip it sign. It’s good someone’s looking out!

more tomorrow!

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