Wonderful Tonight

May 2, 1977 Eric Clapton recorded Wonderful Tonight

What can say about Eric Clapton, the God of Guitar! I love the story that when he played in Cream they drew straws to see who would sing and he lost. That’s probably an urban legend but I like it.


My son Dylan and I saw Clapton at the Garden with Robert Randolph opening for him. A great freakin nite of music. Billy Preston on keyboards, Steve Gadd on drums and Nathan East on bass.

I think of what Rob Thomas (from of Matchbook 20) said to me – “We are the result of what we listen to.”  If that’s so, why the hell can’t I play guitar like Eric or sing like Luther?  Oh well, I love all music and made sure my sons heard every great musician that came to town.

There is so much excellent music in NYC.  Just stroll up and down Bleecker Street in the village.

For example, Dylan brought me into Terra Blues last week to hear SaRon Crenshaw, a blues guitarist and singer who I’d been wanting to hear forever. (look him up on youtube or the google) This guy is the real deal. He should be playing with Clapton and all the blues legends.  He’s that good.  Up and down the block there are top notch musicians working.  I’m lucky that I get to work with these guys.  Nightly.  We’re there.  You just have to look for us.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Tonight

  1. I also must honestly say that this song never really hooked me. I couldn’t figure what the big deal was in regard to “Wonderful Tonight”. Don’t get me wrong Eric Clapton is one of the “God of Guitar”. Nevertheless, this particular song just didn’t move me. Your rendition with the simplicity of the piano and vocals brought out the beauty in the melody and words. It’s true, sometimes is “Less is more”. I fell asleep thinking “What a beautiful song”. “Wonderful Tonight” has been looping through my head since then!

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