Without You

March 3, 1972: Harry Nilsson’s album Nilsson Schmilsson is certified gold!

day 330

As I was channel surfing last night I came upon a documentary on Harry Nilsson and it was interesting cause it was from the perspective of his producer Richard Perry and they sort of went head to head with each other on this album.  Anyway, Harry was a real singer who could sing anything!

Nilsson Schmilsson had a couple of grammy nominations, this song, Without You, won a Grammy.  Then a couple years later Nilsson went and did an American Songbook album before they called it that and before it was fashionable. He sounded great on it.  I had never heard it before last night.

And then this morning Claudia told me this was going to be a Harry Nilsson day in song, so that worked out perfectly!

Today we took a drive over the GW bridge and drove up the Palisades to visit my cousin Lisa.  Lisa and I were like brother and sister growing up. I don’t  get to see all my cousins as much as i would like. Thank god for facebook and e-mail.

The big highlight of the day was another trip to Costco. We should get frequent flyer miles for the amount of times we go there, but today it was a different Costco, just to mix it up a little.

here ya go, for today in music.  Without You!

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