With a Little Help From My Friends

July 7, 1940 Happy Birthday Ringo Starr!!

I’m about to load the car for an outdoor gig at Yonkers Raceway. It’s 100 freakin degrees and looks like its gonna rain.  All of our equipment is already set up,and my soundman keeps calling me freaking out that everything’s gonna get wet and we are going to get electrocuted. My soundman is so dramatic but he might have a point.  It’s the Stingers tonight and I have five singers Carla Scott, Letrice Cherry, Stanley Hopkins, C.E Smith,and Julia Garrison.  All fierce singers alone and when you put them together it’s freakin magic.

The Stingers have been together for 20 years or so.  Some new additions come in like my son Dylan on bass and Cherry is new and once in a while people leave and come back.

Well, rain or shine I am going to rock out tonight with a little help from my friends.







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