July 1, 1967 – The Association’s Windy hits #1!

110 in the shade

Another little perky song from my childhood.

I was 11 and and lived on East 19th Street in Brooklyn.

We inherited this big coffin-like piano from my Aunt Alice who lived with us in later years. This piano, when closed, looked totally like a coffin but when you opened it up it looked like an old lady’s gaudy piece of furniture.  It was heavy as hell, but I loved it.

When I played this piano, I felt like I was piloting a 747. It had various ledges and shelves  – a ledge to leave a plate of food on, another ledge to keep a drink on, etc., so obviously there were many stains all over it.

We used to have all the kids stand around the piano and sing every song they knew.  It was in the same room where we put up the christmas tree. We had two living rooms growing up. One of them was kind of proper with a window seat and a fireplace and a two piece couch with plastic covers (very 60’s) —  that was the grown ups room.  The other living room had a good kid friendly couch (nice naps) the piano, the TV, and the big coffee table to put your feet up on.  Even as a grownup I liked the kid’s living room better and I always loved sitting at the kid’s table during holiday dinners.

Such good memories of that old house.

Well I gigged in 100 degree heat this weekend and my sound man  set up an tremendous industrial fan which blew all my music off the music stand.  I turned to him and said, “It’s a little windy!”

Get it?

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