Wild Thing / Twist & Shout

My band the Stingers and I were hired to play Howard Stern’s wedding a few years back.  In attendance was the late, great singer Phoebe Snow.  Now I’d played for Phoebe for years but at  Howard’s wedding she was in overdrive!  Sitting in front of her was Billy Joel, Pat Monahan from Train,  Senator Alphonse Damato (whose wedding I’d played a few years before that), and Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks.  Phoebe, who was so humble, blew them away with a slow gospelly version of You Send Me.  She was freakin amazing.

Then we started up with the whole band. Pat Monahan sang Drops of Jupiter and Calling All Angels.  The guests were going nuts and in the thunderous applause for Pat, Howard comes up to me and says “WILD THING”  so we played Wild Thing and Howard sang the shit out of it!!!!

Now I can’t hear this song without thinking of that night!

By the way, on April 17th (today’s date!), 1966, Wild Thing (The Troggs) was released!

What a great excuse to reminisce and play this song.   Couldn’t help throwing in a little Twist and Shout.  It seemed the right thing to do…


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