Why Do Fools Fall in Love

September 30, 1942 Happy Birthday Frankie Lymon!

day 177

I did an arrangment of Why Do Fools Fall in Love 20 years ago for Lesley Gore and Lou Christie and then about 10 years ago I went to see my friend Wayne playing somewhere and Lou Christie was on the bill and he was still using the arrangement!

I can’t believe it’s fall.  As we were driving to our house in Pennsylvania early this morning we saw the leaves changing –  great reds and oranges and there were signs for pumpkins all over. We got to the house and I built a fire, then we ate, and then we napped. Damn i love Sundays!

I’ve got a lot of music business going on and need to get on the phone for hours tomorrow and I need to do it from the house where we don’t get great cell service.  So it’s our land line for me or getting in the car to find some open road with better service. Not loving the land lines anymore!  I’m spoiled by my i-phone.  It still amazes me and I can barely remember how we did business 20 years ago.  I have a vague memory of a typewriter and a rotary phone.

Well I like where technology is at and can’t wait for it to get even greater!

Here ya go for today in music.  Frankie Lymon & the Teenager’s Why Do Fools Fall in Love!  

Happy Birthday dude.  You didn’t have nearly enough of them — you were just a kid, really, when you left us.  But you were a rocking New Yorker that will never be forgotten.

One thought on “Why Do Fools Fall in Love

  1. Hey there!

    Great recording mate, would love to buy the arranepgement off you if I could so I can play it at my brothers wedding 🙂 let me know!

    Thanks from Australia, Tom

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