Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

June 12 1957: Jerry Lee Lewis’ Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On enters the country charts! (via about.com)

You gotta love rock ‘n roll characters.  Take Jerry Lee Lewis – piano playing maniac.  I dig him because he don’t give a crap. He slaps that piano. He plays with his feet.  He’s got that boogie bass left hand going on and glissing with his right all the while entertaining the crowd and singing loud and sitting side saddle cause he sings with a mic in a straight stand and never misses a beat.  Very cool!!!!

Now he’s gotta be a little off what with marrying the 13 year old cousin and he kinda looks insane when he plays. He probably is but it makes for good rock ‘n roll.

Luca Tozzi, guitarist extraordinaire, was over tonight to practice with me for Claudia and my recording session this weekend. Luca, besides being a great musician, is an avid fisherman and brings us fish he catches.



He brought us these beautiful bluefish which we grilled a couple of weeks ago.  Luca is very happy fishing all day and playing blues at night.

You gotta love rock ‘n roll characters.


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