White Christmas

December 8, 1954 : The Drifters’ White Christmas enters the R&B charts!

festival chorus

The company whose choir I’ve conducted for 30 years used to be called Brooklyn Union Gas and they had a beautiful old building on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights and we would perform in the window facing the street. It was a big picture window and crowds would stand outside as we were piped through loudspeakers. I always thought how cold they must be standing outside, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Then the company was bought out by Keyspan and moved into One Metrotech, a more corporate building with a big lobby and people could come inside to listen. Schools came from all around the neighborhood,  bussed in to hear us and meet Santa and his elf and everybody got a candy cane. I would take home leftover boxes of candy canes and hand them out at Casey and Dylan’s school. Kids loved me. Parents not so much.

Now the company was bought out by National Grid and as with all companies in this economy things have gotten tight. No more Santa and Elf and no more candy canes but the choir lives on and is still making people happy. And in these 30 years there are about 7 members who have been with me from the beginning and a few of the guys who called themselves THE SHADES would come out and do the Drifters’ version of White Christmas a capella and it was always the big number! Now we only have 1 of the Shades left in the group, so he sings White Christmas solo with a Reggae groove!

We’ll be performing in the Metrotech lobby next week, Tuesday – Thursday 11-2pm.  Come on down and see us.  It’s always a fun show and we’d love to have you!

Well, we haven’t really seen any snow yet this year and i can’t wait! I love the snow and i love a white CHRISTMAS!

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