Where is the Love

September 5, 1972  Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway’s Where Is The Love is certified gold!


Oh, let’s talk Donny Hathaway.  So many R&B singers have copied and studied Donny and rightfully so. He defined riffing in such songs as Givin Up and I love his version of Jealous Guy. In Where is the Love he and Roberta Flack just sang the melody beautifully with not much riffing at all.  It’s their sound and blend together that makes this song legendary.  Simple and honest.  They also have The Closer I Get to You which is beautiful and I’m gonna find a reason to sing it sometime in this blog this year!

Today I did a lot of singing at home and our good friend Sam Tsui came over. He’s got a gig in town tomorrow and needed to do some work and I’ve got the pianos here, so we were so happy to have him come and hang out. If you look closely at my picture du jour you might see Sam photo-bombing me!

Well, we had some sushi and are watching the Democratic Convention.  I’m drifting a bit, but it looks like everyone there is having a good time.

Where is the love?


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