When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

March 17th!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

day 344

It’s weird that this year St. Paddy’s was celebrated yesterday and today. Yesterday was the parade so the bars and the streets were packed. Today I expected the same, after all today is the REAL day but the streets were empty and I just talked to Dylan and he said Bleecker Street was empty. I guess everyone is hung over from yesterday.

No corned beef and cabbage today. Not that I love it, but growing up my mom would cook it for my dad who did love it. I  just remember that the kitchen stunk! After I finish this I have to call my mom to talk and wish her a happy St. Paddy’s. Her best friend Mae O’Driscoll always marches in the parade, up with the bigwigs, and all my cousins who now are retired cops always marched! I live 5 blocks from the parade and i don’t think I’ve ever gone.

But happy St. Patrick’s day to you all.

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