When a Man Loves a Woman

May 18, 1993 BMI Pop Awards Song of the Year is When a Man Loves a Woman.

Carl Hall was a great singer who among many other credits starred in the Wiz on Broadway as the Wiz. He sang so damn high it was unbelievable.  

One time, Carl and the Stingers & I were loading the Stinger-mobile to go to a gig and Luther Vandross was walking by and said, “Carl is that you? Where have you been?” and he turned to me and said that he was one of Carl’s biggest fans! (nice to have LUTHER as your biggest fan!) You can hear Carl Hall here!

Anyway, at every gig, just before the end of the night, Carl would sing When a Man Loves a Woman – the 11th hour ballad so to speak.  He would do 3 modulations. Amazing.  

Carl passed away a number of years ago but I think of him every time I hear this song.

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  1. Carl was in a show in the 70’s called Inner City. After Linda Hopkins stopped the show Carl was the only one who could top her with his sermon. “Do I Be God?……. Over the years Skip worked with both.

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