What’d I Say

February 18, 1959: Ray Charles was recording What’d I Say!

day 317

I love that this song, What’d I Say, Ray Charles’ biggest hit, was just a jam he created on the spot to fill up the last 10 minutes of a 4 hour gig!  I learned this from reading my friend Frank Beacham‘s facebook page today!  Check Frank out and follow him.  He’s always got interesting music and other historic news of the day going on!

Well, I have had some good extended jams to fill up gigs but usually they’re instrumental.  From now on when I do an extended jam I’m gonna improvise some words and see if i can come up with a hit song!

We just had a nice dinner at Italian Village on 1st ave – my favorite — with our good buddy and partner in crime, director/choreographer John Carrafa.  Lots to catch up on and plans to be made!  I had linguini and white clam sauce. Very tasty although I might have had too much bread.  That’s my downfall. I’m a bread addict!

I love everything Ray Charles sings, especially What I’d Say!

more tomorrow.

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