We Shall Overcome

January 21, 2013  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

day 289

When the boys went to Manhattan Country School they would march every year for Martin Luther King Day – different routes each year, stopping at various landmarks to sing freedoms songs and folk songs and read speeches they had written. It was always a fun hang with the other parents and as we walked we’d mix up who we were walking with so it kept it interesting, although it was always cold as hell!  Even now, years after Casey and Dylan have moved on, they still know how to sing We Shall Overcome in both Spanish and English!  

Manhattan Country School marched today again, and even though we weren’t part of the march we felt excited to read about it and see the pictures on Facebook and on their website!  I’m sure some of the NYC news channels will have covered it!

Well, today I loved watching the whole inaugural day from the morning until tonight.  I like Obama’s taste in music. Beyonce sounded great singing the National Anthem and James Taylor doing America the Beautiful was nice!!

I got a good hopeful vibe about the next 4 years after watching today. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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