We Can Work it Out

October 20, 1965 The Beatles were recording We Can Work It Out!

umbrella down

Back to the Beatles!

We Can Work it Out is such a great song. I also love the Chaka Kahn version of this song.  Alyson Williams used to open her show with it – starting offstage singing Life is very short and then she’d make this big entrance when the band kicked in!  It doesn’t matter whether it’s R&B, rock or pop. I love when a singer makes a theatrical entrance. I always remember how artists start their show.

I’m planning a major opening number with a choir for this Clive Davis tribute show I’m putting together for MMRF.  A great organization for a great cause!  I’m honored that they asked me to be part of this night and I’m going make sure it ROCKS!

We’re back from the Poconos. Said goodbye to the foliage and the deer. We were all packed up and ready to go but the fireplace was still a blazing so we put everything in the car and then waited on the couch for an extra 1/2 hour till the fireplace died out! I think I napped. I love napping in front of the fireplace overlooking the lake. Actually, I love napping everywhere!

Here ya go.  Today in music:  We Can Work it Out!


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