September 6, 1986, Bananarama hits #1 on the US singles chart with Venus!

day 153

Hey, it’s Fashion’s Night Out in NYC and apparently across the universe. Seems like it’s always fashion something or other here, so Madison Ave was crazy tonight! Every store was doing a promotion.  I was running interference on Sam Tsui’s performance at Michael Kors and down the block DKNY was doing a big photo shoot with 20 firefighters who might have also been male strippers —  not sure — and then there were all these 6 foot women (or they were 5’4″ in 6 inch heels?)

Whatever – they were tall and walking up and down the street handing out $10 coupons to some store where the lowest price item was probably $500, so whoopdy doo on the 10er. Then somewhere near Bloomingdales there were more male models or strippers with their shirts off and the store logo painted on their bare chests.  All in all I felt very fat!

When I first heard this song, Venus, in the 70’s, all us guys used to sing “penis.”  We thought that was so funny! Well, Claudia wouldn’t let me change the lyric to “penis” instead of “venus” so I sang it as written today!

But I thought about singing “penis!”

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