Up On The Roof

February 11, 1939 Happy Birthday Gerry Goffin!

day 310

Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote Up On The Roof.  One thing we New Yorkers love is our roofs!

A bunch of years ago Claudia and I were in the Poconos and Dylan was home watching the animals. All was good and we get home and the house is clean — now Dylan doesn’t clean so that means he had a party!

So we’re home 10 minutes and some guy rings my bell and asks are we the apartment that had the big party in the backyard and at that time i didn’t know so i said, “What party?”  He said oh never mind, it must have been some other apartment.

But when i closed the door i thought, “hmmm…” and i went in the backyard and it was clean, I mean, cleaner than ever and all the chairs arranged perfectly around the table, so I’m thinking Dylan must have had somebody helping him clean and I’m wondering what it looked like before.  

And then about a half hour later the landlord calls me and asks if I have a teenage son.  I say yes and he says he has video footage of Dylan and his friends – and lots of them – partying on the roof.  And in the backyard.

All I could say was, “Sorry, Mr. Landlord.  It won’t happen again.”

Oh, and within a few days there were signs up in my building saying that nobody was allowed on the roof anymore and then they installed cameras.

That’s my boy!

And that’s my up on the roof story.

Happy Birthday Gerry Goffin!  Great song.  Great lyrics.


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