Turn! Turn! Turn!

December 4, 1965 : The Byrds’ Turn! Turn! Turn! hits #1!

festival chorus fun

Boy did I jump back into the groove today. Woke up early and had to conduct the choir at a public school in Brooklyn so i had over a hundred kids under 7 years old to entertain.

Years ago I played for a great children’s entertainer named Bob Schneider from Canada although he was a Brooklyn dude originally.  He was a folk singer but found his niche with kids. They loved him. He would talk to them like he would talk to anyone but he constantly told them they were great and talented and he would have them all be part of his show, singing and dancin while he made these crazy faces. The kids would be exhausted after a Bob Schneider show.

Well, between me being a fun dad and the cool kooky uncle to my neices and nephews and my Bob Schneider training, I got these kids into a frenzy. The teachers have a little love /hate thing with me, seeing how I entertain the kids but leave them all worked up for teachers to have to calm down!

Anyway, I always loved The Byrds doing this Pete Seeger folk song which reminded me of Bob Schneider.  Where are ya, dude?  Thinking about you.


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