Trouble In Mind

December 14, 1963 Dinah Washington dies, age 39.

my niece gave us a pink wig

I used to play Trouble in Mind with Linda Hopkins.  We toured all through France and what amazed me was that the French audiences knew all the words to this song and even to obscure blues where the American audiences barely knew the titles of these songs! Dinah Washington and all the great ladies of the blues are royalty in France.  That is why so many of them would live there and tour there!

Today was my last day of this season playing at Metrotech in Brooklyn. We have a few more Christmas concerts next week then i’m off!

Trying to get ready for Christmas.

I will put up some lights on Sunday. They are all tangled in the shed. What usually happens is I try to unravel them, then I get frustrated and go out and buy new ones, This drives Claudia crazy.

Merry Christmas!  And to my in-laws, Happy Anniversary.

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