Tracks of My Tears / What a Wonderful World

June 23, 1965: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ The Tracks Of My Tears released.

with the boy

It’s a really great day.  Love having my son Casey home with me at the piano.  And love having my son Dylan right next to me playing bass at this gig out in the Hamptons tonight.

Thinking about all the plays and concerts we went to see the boys in.  From playing trees and elephants in pre-K to meatier roles such as squirrels and ancient egyptians in grade school.  And the concerts – so many of them, years & years worth.  I’m gonna come clean now and admit it.  I slept through all the other kids’ songs.  I apologize to all the parents and I forgive you all for sleeping during my kids’ parts.  I always woke up to cheer my boys on.  We lived for those moments!

I’m the worst at a kid’s concert.  Casey remembers seeing me in the audience with my head in my hands  and Claudia would always tell me not to make faces. It was hard not to.  Thinking about it though, all the kids were great, and even though I might be moaning and groaning and snoring, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it for the world.

Loved Casey singing in his Dad’s wheelhouse this morning.  Smokey Robinson & the Miracles and Sam Cooke.  Casey rocked it!


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