To Sir With Love

September 4, 1967 Lulu’s To Sir With Love was released.

day 151

This is a beautiful song and I remember it from the movie which was great. Lulu’s voice had such grit to it.  Love it!  We used this song in Beehive in a section called the British Invasion.  Laura Theodore sang it in between Downtown and You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.  It amazes me how many  great, soulful singers came from the U.K. In the 60’s you had Lulu and Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark and more recently Adele and Amy Winehouse and Jessie J.  You can tell they were listening to soul music growing up.  I can listen to anything this Jessie J sings!

Just got back from another Elle Winter gig.  She is doing this Music is Medicine concert series in hospitals and we played at the Ronald McDonald House and it felt great to get all these kids with various illnesses up and singing and dancin! I worked them into a frenzy. All the parents and staff were like, oh great now we got to get them to bed after you hyped them all up, but everyone was happy.

Elle was great with the kids!  What a pro!

Nice feeling!

Here’s today’s video, To Sir With Love!  More tomorrow…

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