Time To Go Home (original)

Time To Go Home  (words & music Skip Brevis, 2013)

week two

Week 2 of my original song series and this song, Time To Go Home, is brand spanking new, also inspired by some great salvation stories i read a few weeks ago.  I wrote it on guitar but when it came time to record it tonight I decided to play it on piano.

Well, today was my mom’s big 90th birthday bash in Pearl River. Thank God for my cousins Alyssa, Lisa and Vicky  for pulling this party together! All my mom’s friends from all over came and she was glowing the whole afternoon.

We got there early and my cousins had put up poster boards of pictures of my mom and dad all through their beautiful 60 year marriage and of all the kids and grandchildren, and in almost every picture my parents were dancin and I remember so many good times, and there were rough times, but through it all my parents danced!

Claudia and i are dancin a lot around the house these days.  I guess dancing is key to a good life, but the pictures made me a little sad cause i miss my dad.

I just got off the phone with my mom and the first gift she opened tonight was a bottle of Tanquery gin so she cracked that bottle open and now she’s rubbing off all the scratch offs she got as gifts. She’s a happy girl tonight!

love ya mom!

Here’s Time To Go Home.

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