Time After Time

June 9, 1984 Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time started a two week run at #1.

the MMRF Gala

My favorite version of this song is the Javier Colon version.  He sang this song and Adam Levine picked him on The Voice.  No damn wonder he won that first season.  He was fierce!  I met Jav on the Stevie Wonder gig last year for the MMRF Annual Fall Gala.  First of all, he’s the nicest guy and second, he sings his ass off.  We did Sir Duke and he tore it up, singing all the horn lines and riffing with Stevie.

Then in January he called me to music consult on his tour.  I spent a fun four days with him and his band at the Ridgefield Playhouse. His show and tour were fantastic. Near end of his set he sang Time After Time by himself, solo guitar, and the place would go wild.  It was great working with him.

Now Cyndi Lauper is no joke. She can sing! Listen to her on We Are the World.  Fierce.  Her voice cuts right through all those singers. And it has such character, just like her looks and personality.

A complete package.  Love ya Cyndi and love this song.

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