Three Times a Lady

August 12, 1978 The Commodores start a two week run at #1 with Three Times A Lady!

once twice three times...

In 1978 I had just left Manhattan School of Music and I was moving into an apartment on 57th street (which is now Dylan’s apartment!) I was studying piano with Norman Gold and gigging weekends in the Catskills. Up in the Catskills there were these small resorts called bungalow colonies and on the weekends they would have a comedian start,then a singer, then a magician, another comedian, then a stripper, then another comedian and I would have to play for all of them from 7 pm to 4 am.

And then I’d drive back to the city and be off to some other gig the next day carrying all my equipment again.

So last night’s gig was 4 hours. I got home by 3, didn’t have to carry anything and I’m going to have to rest for 2 days to recover.

I do thank those days in the Catskills for teaching me how to conduct any kind of act that comes my way and it also helped me learn how to work with every kind of crazy performer this industry has to offer!

As for Three Times a Lady, I’ve always liked Lionel Richie songs because among other things he writes great choruses and this is one of them.

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