This Masquerade

March 22, 1943 Happy Birthday George Benson!

am i asleep? day 349

This Masquerade was huge back in the day –  especially because it was  great jazz player singing a pop song.  I remember the purists saying that he sold out! I say it was about time! And I believe he won a Grammy for it.  So take that, purists!  And a very happy birthday to George Benson!

Back at Sweetwaters, I used to play with Stanley Banks, Benson’s long time bass player.  He had this thing playing tambourine with his foot while slapping the hell out the bass. And i mean he was playing double time gospel tambourine with his foot. I never did figure out how he did that!

Tomorrow the Stingers are playing at Rella’s Tavern in Brielle on the Jersey shore. It’s a madhouse, crazy fun – if you’re around, come down. Its gonna be wild.

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