This Magic Moment

October 16, 1968 Jay and the Americans are recording This Magic Moment!

day 193

This Magic Moment always puts me in a good mood!

Back in the day there was a singer — Big Ben — who used to do the late night show at Sweetwater’s and Big Ben always opened with This Magic Moment.  We would play the intro and then Big Ben, who was 6’4 and like 350 pounds, would come onstage and rip this song! So whenever I hear it I feel like Big Ben is waiting in the wings…. haven’t seen him in years and years!

Tomorrow I have a couple of meetings and then it’s off for an little R&R with the wife in the country.  I can’t wait!

I’m sweating thru the 3rd game of the yankees/tigers playoff.  It doesn’t look good but any moment might be that magic moment when we finally get a freakin hit!

one can only hope!

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