This Land is Your Land

October 3, 1967 American singer / songwriter Woody Guthrie dies.

day 180

It don’t get more Americana in folk music than Woody Guthrie!  Come on, sing along with this one!  This land is your land…this land is my land…  You know you know it!

My buddy Sam Ellis had a fabulous show about Woody Guthrie some time back that he brought all over the country:  Woody Guthrie’s American Song.  That would be a great one to see again.

Casey and Dylan’s elementary school, Manhattan Country School, was big into folk music and taught my kids all the songs — lots of Woody Guthrie —  that became great songs for car rides!  I’ve mentioned before, we  had some great sing alongs in the Skipmoble –  my big red conversion van with disco lighting in the ceiling and the back seat that reclined into a bed. Claudia and I tried to sleep in that bed one Christmas eve but it wasn’t too comfortable.  This van only got about 8 miles to the gallon and was pain in the ass to park, but damn I loved that car.

Running out to the Red Lion tonight with the Stingers!  Should be fun since the Yankees are going to clinch their division tonight and the bars will be hopping.  (I’m not sure if the Red Lion’s gonna have the debates on, but I say we party tonight and watch the talking heads later!)  Come on down.

Ok…here’s today’s song in memory of a great American folk singer songwriter!   more tomorrow.


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