December 3, 1968 Aretha Franklin’s Aretha Now album is certified gold!

adios Arizona

Queen of soul Aretha Franklin –  ain’t nobody better than her!

I loved when she did Think in the Blues Brothers movie. And I recently did a arrangement of Think and Respect featuring Cookie Watkins and Cheryl Pepsi Riley, 2 of the best singers i know. It was incredible and I can’t wait to get a recording of that night!

Well, I had a wonderful birthday and now Claudia and I are flying back to NYC and back to the cold!

I start tomorrow morning conducting the National Grid Festival chorus at 8 a.m and i do this every morning for the next 3 weeks. I have had this gig for 30 years, have made some great friends in this choir and it always puts me in the christmas spirit!

Here’s Think for Today in Music.


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