These Boots Are Made for Walking

July 9, 1929 Happy Birthday to singer, songwriter and record producer Lee Hazlewood!

start walking

So Claudia and I and our friend Mandy and her son Lennon (who I haven’t seen for 5 years) spent thirteen hours in the studio yesterday with our great engineer friend John Hopkins (the pro-tools wizard).  I have to give a shout out and big thanks to G&E Music, Glenn Schloss and Erik Blicker for their state of the art studio – well-equipped with various coffees and jars of candy (caffeine and sugar, thats what keeps the world movin -well my world that is). Mandy wanted Jujyfruits but the candy jars only had Starburst and Snickers and Smarties, so she and Claudia went out on a Jujyfruit quest and were successful!

I sang so many songs yesterday I can’t remember how any of them came out.  We’ll give a listen in a few days and see what we got!

Today’s song for the blog is These Boots Are Made for Walking!  I used this song in my Those Were the Days jukebox revue for Holland America and I remember Sam Ellis who was producer driving the wardrobe guys crazy picking out just the right boots for the actress to wear.  I think they ended up being white up to her thighs.  We also use the song in our Girlz Night Out show band!

Anyway, I always like honoring a singer songwriter and producer – in this case Lee Hazlewood who wrote These Boots Are Made for Walking!  He was a good triple threat!  Happy Birthday!

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