There Will Never Be Another You

December 23, 1929 Happy Birthday Chet Baker!

day 260

Chet Baker was always known as a great trumpet player then he started singing and There Will Never Be Another You is the song he is best known for as a singer! He had this quiet relaxed voice that swung so hard.

It seemed so easy but it takes great disipline to play simple and swing hard without being loud. I’m still practicing. It’s not easy.

Today was the pre-Christmas food shopping day. A little Costco, Target,and Fairway and then naptime.

The New York football teams are letting us down, but I still like watching all the other teams.  They are like gladiators going into battle. Great atheletes are always fun to watch!

Anyway, I still come back to Chet Baker when I want to hear nice relaxing jazz. I’m a little too old for the frantic stuff!


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