The Worst That Could Happen

May 7, 1939 Johnny Maestro (Del-Satins, The Crests, Brooklyn Bridge) is born.  Happy Birthday!

The best thing that ever happened to me is that Claudia Jean Levinton married me. That was almost 28 years ago.

Having your best friend in all the successes and disappointments that happen in the music business and life makes it a great big fun adventure.  The worst thing that could ever happen would be to go through everything by yourself.

Moral of the story. The guy in this song should have married that girl.



3 thoughts on “The Worst That Could Happen

  1. One of my fav torch songs of all time! Actually saw Johnny Maestro perform it in Ithaca NY back in the 70s. Love Cafe Bustello too! You get extra for product placement?

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