The Way It Is

April 1, 1986 Bruce Hornsby and the Range release the album The Way It Is!

day 359

I love me some Bruce Hornsby!  I loved him playing with the Grateful Dead, and with Bela Fleck combining a bluegrass and jazz vibe.  

The Way It Is was his hit with his own band – actually this album went multi-platinum.  And another great Bruce Hornsby tune I love is End of the Innocence with Don Henley.

Had a busy theatrical day starting with Hello Dolly auditions this morning and moving into Martin Before the Dream auditions in the afternoon and then a writing session and then back to Willie & the Swagga tonight.

And now I’m exhausted and have to watch some television and go to bed!

more tomorrow, but not for so many more tomorrows.  this is my last week of this project!

The Way It Is!

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