The Thrill is Gone

September 16, 1925 Happy Birthday B.B. King!

put up ya dukes

Wow I can’t believe B.B.King is 87 today. No matter what B.B. King song I listen to,  from the 50’s to now, I will always know it’s him. His distinctive phrasing and groove — he is the KING of Blues.  This song, The Thrill is Gone, is a minor blues which has a darker kind of tone but the beat is rockin.

We had another great day in the mountains! I got the fireplace blazing, watched 3 football games and listened to the Yankees win. It don’t get better than this. Claudia is upstairs writing. She comes downstairs occasionally and says, “What game is this now? I tell her and she nods like she recognizes the team, which she doesn’t, then she hands me some more popcorn and goes back upstairs. It’s a good life!

We are going to leave early tomorrow to have a birthday brunch in Nyack with our friends John and Robin and their kids. Love hanging with them. Maybe I’ll get John to sing with me tomorrow. We’ll see!

The thrill ain’t gone.

The thrills just keep coming. Just a little slower, maybe, since we’re older!

and speaking of slow…this video is just not uploading here in the SLOW mountains!  Do check back!

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