The River

January 1, 1995, Garth Brooks starts a six week run at #1 on the US album charts with The Hits.

day 269

The first time I heard The River it was a live version on CD.  Garth sang the 1st 2 lines and the audience sang the rest.  What a great anthem chorus!  

Another song I love on this album is Unanswered Prayers.  Highly recommend!

Today, for the first day of the year, Claudia and I fasted, so needless to say I’m really hungry! I have my annual physical in the morning, so I can’t eat until after my appointment which is at 9 a.m., so figure around 10:30 I’m going eat everything in sight!

Got a late start tonight uploading this video, and it’s movin’ kind of slow, so if it’s not ready by the time you visit, check back.

Here’s The River, for day 269 in this blog.  I’m going for a whole year, so just under 100 days to go.  But who’s counting?  more tomorrow!




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