The Rain Does Pour (original)

a rock opera

A couple of years ago we brought our rock opera Winner Take All to FringeNYC and had a ball doing it.  The show itself though had begun twenty years earlier in the west side club Sweetwater’s, but after about six weeks there, it lay pretty well dormant until a couple of readings and then the Fringe in 2011.

This song, The Rain Does Pour (Brevis & Brevis, a long time ago) is from Winner Take All (A Rock Opera).    Here’s the setup:  Ricky, a rock and roll guitar player and one half of a star crossed young couple, is killed and goes to Rock and Roll Heaven.  While he’s off having a crazy time with a couple of dancing angels and some hotsy totsy devilettes, his girlfriend Casey is back on earth, feeling guilty for his death and, alone in her room she sings about him.

Check out the website and if you’re interested in seeing more of this show or reading a script or hearing the music or are interested in opening your theater to it, I’ll put you in touch with our agent at Paradigm.

more next week…..

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