The Nearness of You

November 22, 1899 Happy Birthday Hoagy Carmichael!


It’s Thanksgivin’ and I’m stuffed.  Claudia and I have been eating carefully but today I went crazy. I just couldn’t stop eating. It was that good! But now I want to take a nap for about 3 days.

We picked up Casey at Newark this morning at 6 a.m. Great to have both my boys home for Thanksgiving and my in-laws Mike and Juliette were over. A simple, nice Thanksgiving and as usual Claudia cooked for 15 people even though we had 6.

We’re going to record Casey tonight and then we are going to drive him to Virginia tomorrow and see his Chanticleer concert.

I am not going to eat ever again!

I love The Nearness of You.  There’s a version by Norah Jones that i really like.

So, Happy Birthday HC!  This one’s for you!

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