The Name Game

November 12, 1964 Shirley Ellis was recording The Name Game!


The Name Game was our opening number in BEEHIVE.  Adriane Lenox — and then later we had Carol Maillard — sang this and both of them sounded great doing it.  2 of the other Beehive girls would go out and ask audience members their names and make them sing it Name Game style. Of course some wise guy would always say his name was CHUCK.  Get it?  

Today is Veteran’s Day and I want to thank all our veterans (including my mom) and all the men and women serving today! I am very thankful that we have you heroes.

I wouldn’t make it 2 days in boot camp, but I could lead a marching band. Well, if they didn’t march too much.

Anyway, happy Veterans Day and here’s The Name Game!  I’m Skip skip bo bip, banana fanna…


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