The Little Drummer Boy

December 25, 1982 David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s duet, The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth, reaches #1 in the UK.

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today was a beautiful day although I ate too much and feel a little blargie.  I don’t know if that’s a real word but that’s what Claudia and i call it when we are stuffed! It was those damn shrimp parmigiana! I just can’t stop eating them, and it doesn’t help that Claudia cooks for an army even though we only had 6 people today! We missed having our Casey today, and I want to wish all my family and good friends a Merry Christmas and a good safe holiday week!

I was practicing The Little Drummer Boy this afternoon as we were getting ready for an early dinner and my father-in-law Mike suggested I add a little left hand drum drone, and of course he was right! So he gets credit for this arrangement of drummer boy!

This was a great duet – Bing Crosby had such a rich baritone voice and David Bowie sang tenor and they sounded great together!

The Little Drummer Boy!  more tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The Little Drummer Boy

  1. Hi Skip,
    Years ago I had a ceramist Molly Simeone working for me. She told me that her father, Harry Simeone, the choir leader, wrote the Little Drummer. Is that true? We enjoy your daily concert. Best wishes from Florida

    • hey thanks for checking in! you living down there full time now? yeah, Harry Simeone has shared writing credit with Henry Onorati and Katherine Davis. cool that you knew his daughter. merry christmas!

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