The Gambler

November 14, 1978 Kenny Rogers’ album The Gambler is released!


I am the worst gambler. I get bitten by the bug and never know when to fold them.

I love blackjack.  I could sit at a blackjack table for hours and hours and win then lose, win then lose then lose and lose and lose. I’ll never forget when the kids were small and i won $500 in quarters and brought the bucket to the room and let them count it.

My dad used to always come home and count his tips from Shea Stadium with me. I loved those times and I did that with my boys. It’s fun to count cash.  It’s fun to have cash. I wish i had cash again.

Do they still make cash?

Now I just dip a card, get a check, order food with a card, get a check, dip a card…

What the hell happened to cash?

Nice song though, and I get the metaphor about life…

But lets talk CASH!

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