The Dance

February 7, 1962 Happy Birthday Garth Brooks!

day 306

Oh crap, here comes the snow.

When Sandy was on its way I said yeah, right, these weather people are always pushing the panic button.  Now when they say any kind of storm is coming, I’m battening down the hatches, ordering Fresh Direct – already got my pajamas on and have declared tomorrow a snow day!

All I have to do is plan what shows to watch and plan the snacks!  I got the car parked right in front of the apartment so I don’t have to worry about that!

I remember being so excited as a kid knowing school was gonna be closed and i got that same feeling now.  I probably should have filled up my tank with gas, but I don’t have to go anywhere till Saturday night.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Garth! I didn’t realize how low he sings until I started learning this song today!  He’s got a great baritone voice and The Dance has a great lyric!



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