The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) / Silver Bells

December 22, 1958: The Chipmunks’ The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) hits #1!

the kids had a ball

The Chipmunks!  Now that was hell of a singing group – Alvin, Theodore and Simon. I think Alvin had the lead on The Chipmunk Song. These guys could party!

Had a beautiful time at Ann Ruckert‘s Holiday sing-a-long today. Her choir did a great job — i’m always interested to hear and play for her up and coming singers — and I got to see some good friends like George & Lizi and Chris & Janelle.

Chris and Janelle did a couple of songs holding their 2 sons Tony and Roman. That’s kinda cheating singing while showing off 2 adorable kids. It was good to see Frank Beacham there.  Hadn’t seen him in a while. But i missed having Pepper Swinson! Next year, Pepper!

All in all it was a sweet, happy Christmas vibe.  The kids all had a ball, dancing around and the adults had fun, too!  Thanks, Ann.

I was thinking of going to movie tonight- the new Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise but we would have to go out into the cold so that’s not happening.  TV & popcorn it is.

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Here ya go, Chipmunk fans.  A little medley of the Chipmunk Song and Silver Bells.

more tomorrow!


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