The Candy Man

June 10, 1972  Sammy Davis, Jr’s The Candy Man started a three week run @ #1.


I had so much fun today jamming with two of my favorite students, the talented and magnificent Julia and Aaron.  I love watching kids learn music and watching them grow as musicians. It’s different now with the internet. They have immediate access to any song and all relevant information. Seeing how fast these kids can look things up is mind boggling. It’s also nice that Julia and Aaron go to a great, creative school. Claudia and I attended one of their concerts and they were fantastic!

The Candy Man.  We called my Uncle Bill the candy man.  He always had pockets full of candy. He lived with us when I was growing up.  My grandparents did, too.  My living room table would be full of candy as we watched TV.  Even now my 89 year old mother will usually have a bag of spice drops in her purse.

Sad to say I kept that candy tradition with my kids.  When Casey and Dylan were younger and  I went on class trips with them all the kids wanted to drive in my van cause I was the candy man.

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