That’s Alright Mama

July 5, 1954  Elvis Presley, along with Scotty Moore, Bill Black and producer Sam Phillips, records That’s Alright Mama and invents Rock & Roll!

2nd swim today

Elvis definitely grew up listening to great singers like Big Mama Thorton and and all those blues and gospel singers down south. Then he put his flavor on the music and his flavor became rock & roll. If you want to be picky you can probably trace the style back to someone else but Elvis had his own thing, sang great, looked great, used those hips, had personality and combined it all with his interpretation of blues and gospel!  That’s rock & roll.

Gotta love my life! I’m sitting at my grand piano overlooking the lake and the sun reflecting on the water looks like little stars flickering on and off. Just ate dinner.  A striped bass my friend Luca Tozzi caught in the Long Island Sound and gave us last night. This fish was 14 pounds and had a big ole head. Claudia filleted the whole thing, cooked it with olive oil and garlic and lemon and put the big ole fish head in the freezer for soup and stock at a later date.  I’ve never tasted anything like this!  (we dropped some off to share with the in-laws – it was a lot of fish!!)


Okay, I have one complaint today. We bought this hammock at Walmart and I had two choices  – $90 wide weave hammock or the $175 tight weave gourmet cushiony big pillowy hammock and I cheaped out and got the wide weave.  So I’m laying in the hammock today and my big feet are falling thru the wide weave, and so are my elbows. I tried to lay a towel down but no good. Got a complaint, too, from Amy Bryan of the 2012 Annual Poconos Party & Reunion.  Word filtered back that her head fell through the wide weave.  See how my life sucks.  Or as Dylan would say, First World Problems!

Going out on a date with the wife tonight. We are going to see the movie TED and then a little Kmart and if Claudia’s really nice to me I’ll take her to the 24 hour Walmart and let her break wild and when she’s not looking I’m going to buy the better hammock!

That’s Alright Mama!



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