That’ll Be the Day

September 7, 1936 Happy Birthday Buddy Holly!


It’s good to do a 50’s song.  It was always fashionable to do songs from 2 decades past – for example in the 70’s there was a resurgence of 50’s doo wop and shows like Grease. Beehive the 60’s Musical we wrote in the 80’s.  In the 90’s, disco from the 70’s became huge.  So now that it’s 2012 I guess we are supposed to re-visit the 90’s. Backstreet Boys?  Spice Girls?  We’ll see…

Well, today was a sad day in the Brevis house.  Our cat Maria who was about 14 years old died.   We have had a lot of animals in this family and have had to deal with each of their deaths. Not easy, but our pets have had great lives and actually they ruled this household, especially our cats. Not to worry, we still have 3 box turtles and a hedgehog. Yes, I said hedgehog.

Love listening to Buddy Holly. Recordings then were so raw and simple!

Go rock’n roll and happy birthday, BH!

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