Teach Your Children

March 11, 1970, Deja Vu, the first album by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young is released!

day 338

I used to sing Teach Your Children in high school.  In my school, Nazareth, in the 70’s, I was sort of in a hippie clique and CSNY was our jam! We overlistened to this album and I had the big stereo and would blast it.  The louder the better!

Claudia and i had a great day writing.  I worked on a song all day and she worked on her novel!

I also worked with Elle Winter – she’s performing at a fundraiser for St. Baldricks tomorrow at the Red Lion.  Come on down and catch her set starting at 8pm and stick around for a full night of music and head shaving for charity! I won’t be shaving my head but maybe i can get a trim?  Tuesday, March 12 at the Red Lion, 151 Bleecker Street.  No cover.  Donations at the door!

And now its popcorn and tv time!

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