Take the “A” Train

February 15, 1941: Duke Ellington and His Orchestra were recording Take the ‘A’ Train!

day 314

I spent a lot of time singing yesterday so I was happy to do an instrumental for today’s blog.  I used to play alot of jazz in my younger days and this song, Take the “A” Train, made it into every jam session.  I haven’t made a career out of playing jazz, but practicing and learning it has made me a much better musician.

We went to a beautiful art showing of our good friend artist Nina Nemeth tonight in New Jersey. Her paintings are part collage with all sorts of cool papers — one had a little bit of a peanut M&M wrapper on it.  She does lots of trees and I loved them all.  She sold a lot of paintings and part of the proceeds went to Homeless Solutions.  Exhibiting with Nina was artist Elizabeth Bain and she was busy selling too!  We didn’t buy anything tonight but you can bet that we will.  Oh, and  besides the great art, there were such comfortable couches and chairs in the store!  I could’ve sat there all night.

I don’t think i have ever been on the A train.  Is that possible?

I’m an east side guy.

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